The Desires of Your Heart! November 23 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

The Desires of Your Heart! November 23 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray.

To My very special child, whom I have already planned and implemented the desires of your heart,
You have very clear specific desires of your heart. I know because I gave them to you. I planted those dreams and hopes and desires in you… especially for you.
The enemy tempts you and tells you that you are being selfish and self-centered. He tells you that you have those desires for the wrong reasons. Those are lies! At the very core of your being…where My Spirit and your spirit are one, I have given and placed pure desires of your heart that are exactly My desires too!
You don’t understand the fullness of all this yet and you do sometimes have impure motives twisted up into the desires that I have given you, but that’s no problem to Me. I’m working everything out for the good… your good and everyone’s good!
Allow yourself to dream and hope for the desires of your heart to come about. Trust Me. Believe Me. Count on Me to come through and do what I have promised you. Persevere! Count it pure joy when you encounter trials, troubles and problems of many kinds on the way to possessing the desires of your heart that I have given you. Only through these trials, troubles, delays and seeming deficits can you truly see Me working and know for sure that it’s Me and My supernatural power and provision bringing about success and not your own limited human ability.
I will do everything I have promised you. It pleases Me when you have faith in Me and believe what you can’t yet see. I want you to rest from your works and enter My rest and relax and trust Me.
I want you to eagerly anticipate the joys, treasures and bountiful blessings that I have already prepared for you. I want you to see through My eyes of faith (My faith… the faith of Jesus!) See what I have done and am doing that will soon be reality in space and time.
Human eyes, ears and minds can’t begin to comprehend the exceedingly abundant riches of My grace and love that I have already prepared for you, but I am opening your spiritual eyes and ears and the eyes of your heart so that you can begin to see the awesome wonder of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Me. We want you to see what We are preparing and already have prepared for you!
This is all true! I am the way, the truth and the light. You can absolutely believe Me, count on Me and trust Me. Now, be still, come to Me, know that I am God and I am for you, and let Me show you what I am doing and have done already for you!
~Love, Papa

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