The Correct Filter! April 24 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My most cherished child, who I am madly in love with,
I am never less loving than the most loving person you know, know of or can imagine. I am love, pure and simple. I am good, all good. Nothing bad, nothing evil exists in Me. I never do anything evil.
Once you believe that, then and only then will you have the only correct filter for evaluating anything that you see, hear or read about Me. Anything you see, hear or read that supposedly shows that I am not good or that I would do evil things is simply not true, it is not authentic revelation of Me.

For example when you read in Joshua 6 and 7 that “I” told the Israelites to go into towns and burn, kill and destroy everything in sight… men, women and children… you can know that is not correct. The Israelites created a god in their own image instead of letting me re-create them in My image.
Yes, I inspired people to write Scripture, but people who lived under the Old Covenant were living in darkness. They all lived in the darkness of mind that they inherited from Adam and Eve. None of them really knew Me… the only true God. None of them had a correct understanding of evil — the enemy/deceiver/liar/accuser and thus most of them attributed both evil and good to Me!
You know that Jesus came to reveal the true Me to people and that He is the exact image and representation of me. You never see any record of Him acting like I was inaccurately portrayed in the Hebrew Scriptures.
The Holy Spirit of Jesus lives in you. He always leads you into all truth. Listen to Him. Trust Him. Believe Him.  He will show you My truth and Jesus (Truth personified) will set you free from the lies and deceit that the evil one wants you to believe about Me. The evil one wants to be god. He tries to get you to believe that he is god. He attributes evil and evil deeds to Me to try to deceive you into actually worshipping him and to confuse you. But you know good and evil cannot come from a God who is love. So reject his lies.
He is not for you, he is not love, he is evil and lies. I have disarmed and defeated him. Listen to Me. Trust Me.  I am for you and I am love. 
~Love, Papa