The Brilliant LIGHT of TRUTH! February 2 Notes From Papa~

To My so very much cherished child, whom I delight in and smile upon always,
You have nothing to fear today or ever! Once you totally know that I am your Father and you are My cherished child whom I’m always for… once you know I am love and I love you unconditionally… once you know that I am all powerful and interested in and involved in every detail of your life… then your fear of people, situations and darkness will fade away. My brilliant light of truth will illuminate our life together.
You will know that nothing can ultimately hurt you because of My care, provision and protection.
All lack– health, finances, job security, approval from people– all lack will be seen through My eyes for what it really is… darkness that My light exposes… and it will lose its grip on your mind and emotions.
When you know I, the only true God of the universe, am for you, I am love, I am good and I only have your best interests at heart, then you can truly relax, rest, be at peace, be confident, assured, empowered and literally triumph over any and everything in Christ Jesus who lives in you, as you and through you!
Nothing is impossible and all things are possible in Christ and that’s exactly where you are— Christ in you, the hope of glory!
~Love, Papa