“The Attacking Parasite” January 17 Notes From Papa~

To My wonderful child, who is always perfect in My sight,
You know about the control battle in your mind between My Spirit and the flesh. I want you to be absolutely confident that I see, know and love the real you… My new creation in Christ. The real you is who I love, interact with and relate to.
The flesh, your evil enemy, the parasite that is an alien living in your body— it continually attacks your mind to attempt to get you to let it live its evil life as you and through you. When you let it, when you “walk after the flesh,” sin happens. Sin is any time you fall short of My perfection… My glory.
The flesh can appear to be good; doing things for God, working to please and impress God, or it can appear to be evil; doing obviously hurtful things to yourself and others. Both its good appearing and evil appearing actions are not what I want and both fall short of My perfection of unconditional love and everything good that comes from My love- joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faith, mercy, grace acceptance and inclusion.
I hate the flesh because of what it does to you and My other children. My white-hot consuming fiery love for you and My other children is also against the flesh. My “anger” is always against the flesh… never against you! Picture a physiological virus… sickness… that festers and infects your body. It’s not you, but it is in you and in the members of your body. It is hurting you. It keeps you from My perfection.
You must see and delineate the difference between the flesh and the real you. That doesn’t excuse your choosing to let the flesh win and act out in you. Just know that I know the difference between you and your flesh. Choose to walk after My Spirit and you will experience My fruit.
At those times when you choose poorly, know that by My finished work at the cross, I have already forgiven and taken away all your sin. I choose not to remember it or ever hold it against you. It has absolutely no effect on My relationship with you. Once you really believe that, it will have no effect on your relationship with Me, either. That’s what I want!
Continually renew your mind and enjoy Me living in you, as you and through you.
~Love, Papa