The Apple of HIS Eye!!!

Here’s a great Thanksgiving encouragement from “Notes From Papa” ~Paul Gray
The Apple of HIS Eye!!! November 26
To My very special child, who is the apple of My eye,
You know that I am love; there is nothing evil about Me, and I never repay evil with evil. You know that I do not keep a list of your (or anyone’s) wrongs. I don’t hold them against anyone.
You know Jesus is the Savior of the world, and He took away everyone’s sins. You know that I reconciled the whole cosmos to Myself at the cross. You know that My mercy, grace, and lovingkindness really do last forever. You know that My will really is that everyone believe in Me and experience and enjoy being a part of My family. You know that My will really is that no one perish but that everyone enjoy and experience eternal life with Me. You know that relationship really is the most important thing of all to Me.
You know that Jesus really is the light of the entire world. You know that He really is already in all, for all, through all, and holds all together. You know that We really are for all mankind.
You are starting to see that for the last 1,700 years, much of the church has been expending tremendous effort, energy, and resources trying to get people to believe in a fictitious, angry, aloof, judgmental, punitive, fickle, judgmental god that is nothing like Me. People who have not believed in that god have been right!
For you and all those who have been incorrect, after repenting (changing their minds and turning 180 degrees from belief in that god) and turning to Me, I want them to then confess … agree with Me … that they have missed the mark of My glory (my unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, total grace, unilateral acceptance, and all-encompassing inclusion of everyone).
Then, with no condemnation, no guilt, and no shame, I want them (like you) to now joyfully be My ambassadors and tell everyone the truth about Me! Tell them what I have done right to make everyone right with Me!
~Love, Papa
From “Notes from Papa”, available at in paperback and Ebook!”