That’s From ME!!! December 20 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

That’s From ME!!! December 20 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special child, who I have great things planned for today,

   I have some wonderful things in store for us together today. As you keep one ear tuned to Me, I will show you what they are.

   As you read Scripture, I will illuminate the thoughts and messages that I want you to see. You will read a familiar old passage, and I will show you something new that’s just for you this day. You will know that is Me communicating to you, real-time.

   As we go for a walk, I will turn your eyes to something unique and beautiful in nature that otherwise you would have overlooked. I will tell you that is from Me and we will revel in the beauty and life together!

   As you watch people coming and going throughout the day, I will point out Christ in them, the hope of glory, and My Spirit in you will resonate with My Spirit in them and you will rejoice in seeing My love, provision and care in people whom you don’t even know yet!

   As you enjoy the beauty of the sunrise, sunset and cloud formations, I will remind you that no other person in the world has exactly the same view from the same angle as you in that moment. I will assure you that I orchestrated that work of Divine art just for you!

   As you hear My children playing and singing My music, whether it’s blues, classical, country, jazz, rock, indie… whatever… I will remind you that I created music for your joy and that I gifted the performers and that I am in them as they make music for you to enjoy!

   You may get a letter in the mail, a text, an email or a call that you will realize I had a hand in bringing about! I may prompt you to send a note or make a call encouraging and affirming someone who’s very close to you… or someone whom you barely know, but admire what they are doing from a distance. I will let the recipients know that is ultimately from Me!

   When you read or hear about a heart-warming story in the news or in a book or magazine, I will touch your heart in such a way that you will know that I am involved in that.

   When you have intimate conversations and bare your heart and soul with loved ones, you will sense a special awareness of My presence. Everything good and pleasant comes from Me.

   All beauty, goodness and joy has its origin in Me and I am involved in it all. As you grow more and more aware of My communication to you, you will experience and enjoy My love, grace and joy more often and at deeper and deeper levels.

   You will grow in grace and in the knowledge of Me. I am so for you!

~Love, Papa

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