Spontaneity, improvisation and creativity are encouraged! February 20 Notes From Papa~

To My delightful child, whom I enjoy in every way,
I want you to see how our friendship is much more like jazz music than classical. A Classical musician may be extremely talented, dedicated and knowledgeable, but classical music is limited to just playing the written notes on a page. There is very little freedom.
The notes must be played exactly as written and there is tremendous pressure to perform flawlessly. Any wrong note stands out and is quickly judged and disdained by critics.
Jazz music, however is spontaneous, free and unfettered. There is a structure to a song, but within it spontaneity, improvisation and creativity are encouraged, affirmed and applauded. Jazz musicians feed off each other and inspire creativity, interplay and connectedness in a playful, mutually encouraging way.
There’s much great classical music and I’m not condemning it or any musicians. I just want you to see the difference between a rigid, limited, confined, stress-filled performance setting and a free, fun, relaxed, no-stress relationship that fosters creativity, spontaneity and mutual playfulness. That’s what I’m all about!
~Love, Papa