Spitting Image!!! December 6 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

Spitting Image!!! December 6 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special child, who is My spitting image,

   I want you to realize and ponder My truth that you actually have the mind of Christ and that everything I have is yours! You have full ownership and unhindered continual access to My storehouse of every spiritual blessing there is!

   Having the Mind of Christ means believing what Christ believes about you… and everyone else!

   Christ, the Holy Spirit and I all believe 100% that you are (because We made you so) forgiven, pure, innocent, perfect, right with Us, without fault, holy, set apart for Us and one with Us forever. That’s what We believe. You have the mind of Christ… We have given you the divine supernatural ability to believe those truths!

   We are in the continual process of revealing to you who We really are and who YOU really are. As a human (fully human) Jesus had faith that the Holy Spirit and I would do everything We planned before creation at the cross. We gave you His faith… the very Faith of Jesus. You have the Faith of Christ… right now! It’s from Our faith to your faith.

   So, take sides with Jesus! Believe what He believes! He believes that the old you died with Him at the cross and the life you now live is His very life, made possible because He loves you and gave Himself up for you. You can believe that because you have His faith… the Faith of Christ!

   Never worry or be concerned with not having enough faith! You do have the Faith of Christ! Think about that! Ponder that! Believe That!

~Love, Papa

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