Sow Grace!!! December 24 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

Sow Grace!!! December 24 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray.

To My wonderful child, whom I love to see flourish in My grace,
Do not be deceived, My child… whatever you sow, that you will also reap.
I am always with you and I am always working things out for the good. However, you can experience the fruit of My blessings much sooner if you sow the seeds of grace rather than law.
Think of planting a big garden in your backyard. You prepare the soil and then you buy a bag of seeds and you go out and meticulously distribute the seed up and down each row. Then you put dirt over the seed and water the ground and wait for your harvest. If you planted tomatoes, you’ll get tomatoes, not corn. If you planted carrots, you’ll get carrots, not turnips. You’d be stunned… shocked… if you harvested something other than what you planted.
Sowing and reaping is a natural law that I have instituted in creation. Nowhere is that more important than with spiritual law and grace!
When you plant seeds of law, do-it-yourself striving to keep rules perfectly in order to gain or maintain a right relationship with Me, you will always harvest gloom, condemnation, despair and eventually death. The law has no power to help you. All it does is show you My perfect standard and then point out how you have fallen short.
On the rare times that you incorrectly think you have achieved perfection by your own effort, the law points out and condemns your pride! You cannot win with the law… you always reap what you sow.
Because I love you, for your benefit, I offer you a totally different seed: grace! Grace is My unconditional love towards you through which I have already eternally embraced you, brought you into and included you in My Divine circle dance of love and life!
Grace has already done it all for you… in advance and forever! When you sow seeds of grace in your life, remembering and acknowledging who I am and who I have already made you to be by My finished work at the cross, then you harvest My love, joy and peace.
When you sow seeds of grace in your life reminding you that I have done this for and included everyone in My love and grace, then you reap the fruit of patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness faith and Spirit strength in your relationship with others.
Remember, you cannot mix the two. Even a few law seeds will negate a whole crop of grace. Your garden will only produce one or the other. You get to decide every day… every moment… what you will sow. When you sow grace, I joyfully produce My fruit in you!
~Love, Papa

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