Sin is NOT an issue…really!!! March 24 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

Sin is NOT an issue…really!!! March 24 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~
To My very special child, whom I am totally for in every way,
I want you to do what I do today and everyday… focus on what I am for, not what I’m against!
The enemy has deceived well-meaning children of Mine into thinking that what is most important is what I’m against. The truth is, they don’t even know what I’m against!
Most important of all, I want you to know that I am for you… and for all My children. And you must know that everyone is in My family… every single person is My child whom I am for in every way that matters. And I decide what matters to Me… not you, not them, not the enemy. You, and everyone, matter to Me!
Listen now, the “sin of the world” no longer matters to Me— how can it? I took it all away at the cross. I defeated it. I forgave it. I don’t hold sin against anyone. I choose not to remember it. I choose not to bring it up to anyone for My sake.
Can you see that your sin (or anyone’s sin) is not an issue with Me? It doesn’t offend Me. It’s not like mythical kryptonite that somehow affects and weakens Me. Yes, I’m saddened when your “acts of sin” hurt each other, but know this to the core of your being: sin is not an issue between Me and any one… ever!
I am for you and everyone! I am for you knowing the truth about My unconditional love for you and everyone. I am for you knowing, believing and experiencing that My love for you (and everyone) is unconditional… without conditions. Period!
I am for you knowing and believing that My amazing, radical, unwavering grace has made you and everyone a new creation… right with Me, one with Me, pure, holy, righteous, innocent and without fault.
I am for you, and everyone, knowing and experiencing that I have reconciled the world to Me… completely and totally. My reconciliation and inclusion is unlimited. I have included everyone in Christ.
I did that at the cross. There is no separation between anyone and Me except for the delusion in some people’s minds that they (or others) are separated from Me. Separation is a lie.
I am for everyone knowing the truth… who I am and who they are in Christ. When people know My truth, I, The Truth… set them free.
I am so for you and everyone. Focus on that!
~Love, Papa