Seeing What Really Is! March 27 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most wonderful child, whom I love and have always been in and with,
I want you to be absolutely clear on what you have been and continue to be up against: The lie of separation is the Great Darkness.
The deceiver lied to Adam and Eve and told them they were separated from Me. Believing that lie led them into the Great Darkness that everyone subsequently inherited from them.
When you believe the lie of separation, you are totally in the dark! You may know about Me, but you can’t see what really is.
When a person can’t see what really is, they will invent something, under the influence of the Prince of Darkness, that “seems right” in their mind… something that supposedly is a “way to get back in” with Me. They and others like them then construct rules, regulations, doctrines, beliefs, rituals and formulas that they believe will get them “in.”
But since they were never “out,” none of what they invented works! The result is that they either end up exhausted, or prideful, or like a zombie…just going through the motions of dead religion all the while defending the religious system they have devised to get them “in”… where they already are!
There is no life in any of that. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. He steals your awareness of union… oneness… with Me. He kills the abundant life we have in oneness. He destroys joy, hope, love, forgiveness and everything good. And it’s all a lie!
Only when a person starts to see what is… only when a person starts to see the truth in My light of life… only then do they cross over from darkness to light and life.
I am continually exposing this darkness and continually revealing My truth to people. Because of the depth of the great darkness, this takes time. But My loving kindness endures forever! My love never fails. Let Me continue to shine My light in the great darkness in your mind. Let Me reveal the truth of our union and oneness today and every day! I love you and I am for you.
~Love, Papa