Seeing What Really Is! February 8 Notes From Papa~

To My very special child, who is changing more and more daily,
I am all about you changing… a process that can be painful but is always worth it. The change I’m interested in is in your heart. Religion tells you the lie that what is important to Me is behavior. Religion lies to you and says that, “God wants you to serve more, give more, pray more, fast more, study Scripture more, learn more correct doctrine, do more religious things, don’t do bad things… and reform your habits so that you spend less time at worldly, less-religious things.” That totally misses what I want!
I’m all about transformation… how you see Me, yourself and everyone else! I want you to see yourself and everyone else for who you really are… see what really is. To do that, you must first strip away your attachment to and dependence upon everything that is temporal and not lasting. Your achievements, awards, titles, accomplishments, financial resources, talents, lifestyle, home, acclaim… they all have nothing to do with who you truly are… what really is.
Those things are all about what you do and have done… the same is true of everyone. You, and all My children tend to evaluate, judge, confer, value or negative worth to yourself and others based on temporary things that will soon be gone and that actually have nothing to do with who you are… what really is.
I want you to use your talents, abilities and resources to do well, achieve, have nice things and give generously. Those are fine! But what really matters to Me is who I have made you to be. That is your true, real, lasting value and worth and it can never be altered or affected by anything! Here’s what really is true about you: you are made in My likeness and image. You have My DNA. You are, pure, holy, right with Me, innocent, without fault permanently! You are My blessed and adored child. You are one with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Me. You have the mind of Christ. Your life is hidden in Me with Christ. You are full and complete. Christ is in you and you are in Christ… the hope of glory! All those descriptions are true and everlasting. That’s who you are and everyone is! There’s no hierarchy, no pecking order, no levels of relationship with Me. You are all one with me in Christ Jesus! I want you to revel and bask in this truth about you and everyone… seeing what really is!
~Love, Papa