See Good? That’s ME! March 20 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most treasured child,
You know intellectually that Jesus is the savior of all the world, that He died for everyone, that He took away the sins of all the world, and that I included everyone in Christ at the cross. My Apostle Paul wrote about that often.
Unfortunately many of those who are willing to believe that truth, still seem to have a hard time seeing Me and seeing Jesus in other people who don’t “appear” to be “close” to Me.
Everything good and perfect comes from Me. Everything! That means that any time you see any person doing something good… that’s Me! I want you to start seeing Christ in everyone! For example, when you see someone who appears to be far from Me because of their morals— maybe they do several things that you think are wrong and don’t do things that you believe are right… I want you to NOT focus on sin.
Instead, focus on the good things that they do. That’s actually Me! You are seeing Christ in them doing what the Holy Spirit motivates them to do. They may not know Me, may never have heard of Me, may have no idea of who I am. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am in them and I am working through them.
Once you start to see Me in them, you can then gently, as I lead you, reveal to them that I love them and I have forgiven all their sins already. I have accepted and included them in Our family and I am already in them. You can introduce them to Me… the One who is already closer to them than the very air they breathe. Watch and see how My good news affects them! You’ll both get to celebrate with Me!
~Love, Papa