Saved? No Worries!!! March 22 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My adorable child, who I have made whole in every way,
Jesus “saved” you by His finished work at the cross 2,000 years ago! He did it all! By His faith, We would include everyone in Him at the cross, take away the sin of the world, include everyone in His death, resurrection and ascension, give everyone new life in Christ and make everyone right with Us forever. You are saved. By Jesus’s faith, you have been saved!
Saved means to be made whole… to be made as you were intended to be. Saved means to keep safe and sound, to rescue from danger or destruction, to save a suffering one from perishing, to make well, to heal, to restore to health… and so much more!
We have saved you from all destruction that you would have brought on yourself. The wages of sin is death. We have saved you from that. Jesus is The Savior of all the world!
Have nothing to do with the lie that We “saved you from our punishment and eternal destruction in hell.” That is a pagan concept that Diabolos has deceived religion into foisting off on susceptible people for hundreds of years. It’s a total lie.
We saved you from your own destructive ways. We did that. It’s a done deal. It’s finished!
Jesus is the savior of the world… especially of those who believe. A person won’t reap the benefits of our salvation in this life until you believe what is already true, get to know Us and let Us reveal to you what We have done for you and given you.
But whether a person believes in this life or not, has nothing to do with the objective truth that We have already saved you! And regarding any given person believing Us… I am the epitome of patience. I have all eternity (which never ends) to lavish My love that never fails on a person until there is nothing else left for them to see or believe in. I’m not willing that anyone perish.
So quit worrying or fixating on whether or not someone is “saved” and trust Me. Believe Me. Enjoy Me. I have done it all!
~Love, Papa