Ridiculously Unachievable! February 13 Notes From Papa~

To My delightful child, who is totally under My grace,
You are going to encounter well-meaning, but misguided people who unfortunately believe the lie that they are under the Old Covenant Law. I’m not mad at them and I’m not punishing them. The Law itself punishes. It has no ability or power to help anyone keep it… all the Law can do is point out sin. The Law actually arouses sin and the very power and strength of sin is the Law!
While Jesus lived and taught under the Law (We didn’t abolish and do away with it until Our finished work at the cross), His purpose was to up the ante of the Law to such an obviously unattainable height that people would know it was impossible to keep, quit trying and instead accept Jesus’s salvation in lieu of trying to keep the Law to gain and maintain Our favor.
So Jesus reminded them that the penalty for adultery was stoning a person to death. But, He said that even having a lustful thought made them guilty of adultery, so they should “pluck their eye out” to keep them from lusting. Obviously, no one did that… Jesus’s example was ridiculously unachievable! That made Our point!
So I want you to learn from Jesus! Have nothing to do with the Law. Believe Us, trust Us, depend on Our grace demonstrated by Jesus’s finished work at the cross as the only means to a right relationship with Us. You are under Grace, not Law! Gently remind those who don’t yet believe the truth of these things. Refuse to be angry with them and refuse to return evil for evil. Love them and give them grace. One day, they too, will be captivated by the light of Our love, grace and truth. I promise!
~Love, Papa