REMEMBER!!! June 22 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

REMEMBER!!! June 22 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray!

To My very special child, whom I dearly, dearly love,
I know it sometimes seems to you that I’m not going to provide… not going to keep My promises to you… not going to come through. But I want you not to live where “it seems to you,” rather live in the certainty of My promises.
Remember how I have always provided for you! Remember how I have always been with you. Remember how I have always worked things out for your good. Remember how I have always brought just the right people into your life at just the right time!
You know that I am totally trustworthy and totally faithful. You know that I am for you… now and always. You know that I am perfectly good. You know that I love you with My unfailing love… My love literally never fails you… ever!
So, don’t focus on the “seem to be’s”… focus on Me. You can’t see Me, but you can see My handiwork everywhere. What you can’t see (My love, grace, inclusion, faithfulness and My finished work at the cross for you) is real and eternal and is now!
What you can see in the natural is temporary, fleeting and not eternal, so never put your faith in it. Keep your eyes on Jesus, the author, finisher and perfecter of all faith.
You don’t need to try to work up faith yourself, His faith is more than enough for you… and everyone! Trust Jesus. Believe Jesus. Remember Jesus. Agree with Jesus. He had total faith that the Holy Spirit and I would do everything We promised.
In His physical, human body, it seemed to Him at the cross that We weren’t coming through— but that’s only because He took upon Himself all your doubts, fears, guilt, shame and lack of faith… He experienced everything you experience, so that He could save you and deliver you from the darkness that had encompassed your mind and soul… and He did!
We did what We promised. All our promises are yes in Christ Jesus! Fix your eyes on Him. Believe Him. Trust Him… and know that We love you, We are for you, We will never leave you or forsake you.
~Love, Papa