Reject the Lies! December 11 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

Reject the Lies! December 11 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special and wonderful child,

I often remind you of who you really are: My own child, made in My image- pure, holy, right with me, innocent and perfect.

Now I know that you question how that can be true when you still make mistakes. You wonder why you sometimes think and even do “evil” things.

Jesus told you all that your enemy, the thief/accuser/liar/condemner/ accuser/one-who-is-totally-evil, does not want you to know who you are and part of his strategy of deception is to tempt you to do evil.

He lies and tells you, “You deserve it. It will feel good. It will benefit you. No one will know.” Then the minute that you do what he tempts you with, he condemns and accuses you.

He also lies to you and tells you that, “Because god wants to punish other people, it’s ok for you to as well.” In part, that’s how the evil one gets you and others to do evil.

Yes, My children sometimes “do” evil things. But that never affects My love for you and never affects your identity… who you really are. Always know that!

~Love, Papa

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