RECONCILED! January 7 Notes From Papa

To My very special child, whom I totally adore,
I know that you, and most of My children, have been told religion’s lie that there’s going to be a day of reckoning with Me, a horrible day of judgement.
Know this straight from Me: There was only one judgment day and it has already happened… all to your benefit!
I set the day of Jesus’s resurrection to raise you, and everyone, to new life in Christ. As the Apostle Paul told the pagan idol worshippers in Athens, I judged you all righteous— right with Me forever! I judged you to be pure, holy, right with Us, innocent and totally without fault. I reconciled the entire cosmos to Myself and don’t hold anyone’s sins against them. Christ took away all the sin of the world!
That means there is literally nothing for Me to judge! That is good news for you and everyone. Remember, good news is not good unless it’s good for everyone… and My good news is for everyone!
Yes, there are Bible verses that can seem to say that there’s going to be a judgment, and that some people will fare well and others won’t. There are other ways to interpret those passages, as you know. So, you, and everyone, get to decide which scenario to believe— because they can’t both be true.
I want you to take sides with Me and believe Me! Believe what Paul told the Greek philosophers in Athens. Believe what My original words in 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 say. Believe Me when I tell you that judgment day has come and gone, and Your “judgment” is total good news… for you and everyone!
You have all been reconciled to Me already. I have made you My Ambassador of Reconciliation. Now you get to proclaim My good news to all others: “Be what you already are– reconciled to god!”
~Love, Papa