Recognize and Reject the Lies! June 24 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My delightful child,
Today I want you to see something about your enemy. Do not fear him. I have defeated him totally and he has no power. He only exists in your mind.
Let Me show you this, here’s what is true: I am love; I am always good to you and everyone; I have included everyone in My family; I don’t punish anyone and I am not vindictive; I don’t keep any record of anyone’s wrongs; Jesus is the Savior of everyone; I have no enemies; I have reconciled everyone to Me. That’s all true!
However, the enemy (the darkness in your mind) doesn’t want you to know any of that. The enemy constantly steals, destroys and kills. Instead of you knowing these truths, the enemy lies to you, deceives you and wants you to believe lies. His lies include: “god is full of wrath towards you; god created hell to torture most people there for eternity; god keeps a list of wrongs and his scales have to be balanced by some kind of payment; god vented his wrath on his son, Jesus, to somehow appease god enough to spare some people if they get things right; god has conditions, limits, and parameters to his life, grace and forgiveness; god can’t stand to be in people’s presence because sin is like kryptonite to him; ‘all’ means ‘some’ to god.”
Those are all lies from the darkness in your mind! My light is exposing those lies to you right now. Any time you hear any of those lies, reject them and believe Me! I am only good, and I am always and forever totally for you!
~Love, Papa