Promises Kept! ~February 27 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special child, who I love deeply and care for totally and completely,
I have never forgotten any promise that I have ever made to you! They are all “yes” and fulfilled in Jesus. I know when you will experience them… so you need never worry or ever fear that I am not faithful. I am totally and completely faithful to you… and to everyone in My family… and everyone is in My family!
Oh, the joy that you will all have on the day you see, experience, know and enjoy everything that I have planned for you in Christ! You are in Christ and always will be. It’s all about Jesus and all for Jesus. He is the beginning and the end. He created everything. He holds everything together. Everything exists and consists by His will. Everything is for Him, about Him and in Him. I left nothing to chance. I left nothing up to you!
There is nothing “outside” of Jesus. He is all, in all and for all and— all is in Him! Never believe the deceiver’s lies that you, or anyone, is separated from, distant, apart, estranged, rejected or an enemy with us. Those are lies… period! You are in Me. I am in Christ. We are in you and you are in Us.
Jesus said these things the night before He was crucified by and for you. We recorded that in John 13-17.
Believe it… believe Us! When and as you really believe the Truth about who We are, who We have made you to be and where We and you are, then you can rest in Us, relax, enjoy and experience Our unconditional love, unwavering grace, and unlimited reconciliation of and for everyone. Then you will know that there’s no pressure, no expectations, no obligation, no fear, no worries, no eggshell walking… there’s only love, peace, joy, acceptance, assurance, patience, kindness, gentleness and faithfulness from us. We are in control of the outcome… believe Us!
Then, even when things seem bad or don’t appear to be good, you will fix your eyes on Jesus. You will focus on the unseen, true and real reality of the Truth. Then your light and momentary troubles will fade away as you rest in Christ!
Never forget that the only thing I choose not to remember is your sin. I do remember all of my promises and I am always faithful, and always for you!
~Love, Papa