Peter Hiett & Paul Gray: Me-sus or Jesus? Part 2

Me-sus or Jesus? Part 2 Paul & Peter Hiett

Paul’s second interview with Peter Hiett, author, pastor of The Sanctuary in Denver Colorado. Peter was the golden boy of his nation-wide denomination and pastor of their fastest growing mega-church…until he started teaching from scripture that God loves ALL people, already saved ALL people, includes ALL people and is Pure Love, Grace, Light and Goodness to ALL. Then he got de-frocked and lost “his” church. Subsequently his new church, The Sanctuary and his books, videos, online teaching and conferences are reaching multitudes of people world-wide with the Really Good News!

Books: The History of Time: and the Genesis of You, God and His Body: The Romance of Adam and His Bride, All Things New: What Does the Bible Really Say About Hell?, An Adventure in Taking Scripture Literally (or How to be Accused of being a Liberal Heretic by Evangelical Christians), Apocalypse Now: A three-volume commentary on the Revelation, Waking to Reality, The Soundtrack for All Time, The Prince, the Dragon, and the Bride, Dance Lessons for Zombies, Eternity Now