Participate in the Grace Movement!

A fun, meaningful, and easy way to participate in the exciting world-wide Grace Movement!!! 

Would you join me in helping people learn about how God is totally good and for them?

The vast majority of people have only heard of an angry, vindictive, list-keeping, critical g.o.d. who has to be appeased and is impossible to please. Most of them “believe” in that g.o.d. out of fear of being eternally tortured, or just don’t believe g.o.d. exists.

We have the amazing opportunity to tell them the truth about The Only True God (as Jesus calls His Father) who is good, and reveal to them God’s Grace which is His UNConditional love in perpetual action continually working all things for the good of everyone!

I have sensed God calling me to show His Amazing Grace and UNConditional love for everyone through a novel that uses mystery, intrigue, romance, and heartbreak to stimulate people’s emotions.

“Convertible Conversations” begins with a great tragedy that happens in the aftermath of Hurricane  Harvey in Houston. It continues with 10-year old Jack Miller moving to Kansas where he spends the next 8 years with his grandparents. In addition to several intriguing situations and circumstances, Jack observes God’s grace in the aftermath of a brutal murder which he witnessed and ultimately has to decide whether or not to extend grace to someone involved in his parent’s tragic death.

Rather than read a theological book; stand on the corner and hand out tracts; intentionally engage people about their eternal destination; or use other distasteful tactics, you now have the exciting and fun opportunity to partner with me in spreading the Good News of what our Good God is really like!

Please consider not only getting a copy of Convertible Conversations for yourselves, but also giving copies to your friends who don’t yet know The Only True God’s UNConditional love and grace for everyone.  You’ll be doing yourselves…and them…a real favor! Copies available at  ~Paul Gray