Papa’s Tattoo! June 2 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My precious child, whose name I have engraved on My palm,
I think about you all the time… I’m thinking about you right now! And it’s always “now” with Me! You are never not on My mind! Today I have wonderful plans for our life together. I  already know that others of My children will interact with you and each of those times will be unique and very special because any time that two or three of My children get together, I’m there in a very special way with you, enabling each of you to see Christ in the other!
My glory, the glory of God, is manifested in the earth when My children see Me in each other and themselves. One meaning of the Greek word “doxa”, which you sometimes translate “glory,” is “opinion of.” My glory is actually My opinion of… you! And My opinion of you is that you are beautiful, radiant, unique, one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable! You are infinitely more valuable to Me than the most precious stone I ever created!
Just as you would save your children first from a burning house and not be concerned with material things, no matter how “valuable or expensive” they are, so are you that precious to Me!
I already did save you from the burning house of your own destruction. I transferred you from the kingdom of darkness into the brilliant, translucent Kingdom of My beloved son, Jesus, who is the Light of the world!
I love you just like and just as much as I love Jesus! Today we get to be together all day and enjoy and experience our union… our oneness… our “at-one-ment.” I hope you will carry with you this truth that I’m in you, with you and around you (and everyone else you are with today) and that you will continually hear My voice and see other people through My eyes and see Christ in them.
When you do (and when you say what I prompt you to say and do what I nudge you to do) then you move from the natural to the supernatural and you experience and enjoy My love, life, grace, peace and joy on a much higher plane than you ever thought was possible. That’s My abundant, full, overflowing life!
Remember how much I love you and how I’m for you and then you can stand upright and hold your head high because you are My child and you know that I’m with you, in you and for you… and we are one!
~Love, Papa