Papa reveals Truth to YOU! May 29 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special child, who I adore immensely,
Some days you feel closer to Me than others… that’s part of the ebb and flow of life. While feelings are important, don’t base your decisions or conclusions on them. Always base your conclusions on My truth… what I reveal to you. My truth, the Truth, is that I am closer to you than the very air you breathe… whether you feel like it or not.
I am in you and you are in Me… in Me you live, move and have your very being. Your life is hidden in Me. We are literally one spirit! You can never go anywhere without Me because we are one!
So, feelings can be incorrect. Generally, when you don’t feel close to Me, it’s because you aren’t trusting Me with something.
Many times you can’t get a shortcoming out of your mind. I call that having a “sin consciousness.” You feel badly, you are down because you feel like you let Me down or that I’m disappointed. upset or displeased with you. That is never the case. I took care of all your sin (past, present and future) at the cross precisely so that you would never need to feel like sin separates you from Me. It doesn’t! Renew your mind with that truth as often as you need to.
Other times you feel down, sad, morose and even depressed because something isn’t going the way you want it to and the bottom line is that you feel like I could make it go well… but I don’t.
So you either doubt that I’m all-powerful or you doubt that I’m really good, or you revert back to thinking that I must be punishing you for something you did that displeased Me. Other times you believe the lie that I’m purposely making something not go well to teach you a lesson or to make you stronger. I do work all things for your good… but I don’t cause bad things to happen to teach you something. You can’t see the big picture so you don’t really have a basis to determine what is ultimately good or bad… you just go on how it feels, which as you are learning, is not an accurate gauge.
What I want you to really grasp is that you live in a fallen world and you and My other children don’t always make good decisions. Then, bad things can happen. But, I am always with you, in you and for you. I am always working things out for the ultimate good. When you are sad, anxious or depressed, I am right there with you.
Come to Me. Listen to Me. Lean on Me. Relax and remember who I am and who you are in Me. Let Me comfort you and counsel you. Let Me lavish My grace and joy on you and you will soon feel better because you will be set free by My truth.
~Love, Papa