Over-the-top lavish! December 14 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

Over-the-top lavish! December 14 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray.

To My very special child, who I love to shower with My grace,
I’d like you to think about the abundance of My grace and provision. I am never stingy with you!
Many of the things that you tend to take for granted are abundantly given to you, like air and water. Have you ever not had enough?
Think about how Jesus provided. When His friends couldn’t catch any fish for their business or to eat, He provided so many that their boats sank! When the multitudes were hungry, He provided so much food that they had ample leftovers.
And in the most important of all your needs, I always give you way more love and grace than is necessary… more than you can even comprehend… grace upon grace!
You need to have your sins forgiven to believe that you are right with Me. I forgave them all in advance (past, present and future) for you and everyone! I don’t ever want anyone to think that My grace isn’t enough… it is more than sufficient!
You need to be assured of and experience My love. I love you unconditionally… without a single condition, limit, exclusion or provision. My love is everlasting and never fails.
You need to know that I, who know everything, am not keeping a secret list somewhere of something you have done wrong that I’m going to bring up and hold against you. I keep no list of wrongs! You need to know that nothing can ever separate you from Me and My love. Nothing can!
You need to know that I won’t ever change My mind about you. I won’t! I am the same yesterday, today and forever. You need to be assured that I treat all My children (all My family) the same! I have taken away all the sin of the world (everyone) forever and reconciled all the world to Me, and I don’t count, impute or hold anyone’s sins against them… ever!
I am abundant, unconditional love for you and for everyone. I am radical, undeserved, amazing grace for you and for everyone. I have unlimited reconciliation and inclusion for everyone!
Please reject any and all thoughts from religion and the deceiver that there is ever any limit to My love, grace, forgiveness and inclusion. Not only is there no limit, but I am over-the-top lavish in everything!
I have already given you every spiritual blessing in Christ that there is! I have already given you all things for life and godliness. You lack nothing!
Now… enjoy, bask in My love and forgiveness and start to see (though you will never fully understand) how wide, deep, high and long My love, grace and inclusion is for you and everyone!
~Love, Papa

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