Our ideas about god or God’s ideas about God??? May 17 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My wonderful child, who is consumed by My love,
I want you to see how humanity has “created god” in their own image. The deceiver is behind this absurdity and once you see it, it will immediately be ludicrous to you. I’m not revealing this to you to condemn you… or anyone. Rather, I’m shining My light of truth in your darkness to expose lies and reveal what really is.
Humanity, in all its various groups, have decided in their minds who I am and what I’m like. The problem is they don’t know Me, the only True God. If they did, they would never come up with the false ideas they have.
I’m going to use the personal collective pronoun you which may not refer to you personally, but to mankind in general. You have put your version of god in a very small box and attempted to control and manipulate him by believing, teaching and adamantly defending false concepts such as “god only shows up in our place of worship and only at the set times of the week that we prescribe.”
You have believed and taught that “god prefers our type of worship best and is offended by other types.” You have believed that “god demands our type of language and even prefers the version of the Bible that we like best… and, of course, he disapproves of all others.” You have believed and taught that “god expects and demands that we do certain rituals a certain way in order to connect with him.”
You think that god expects, requires and demands certain activities, behaviors and accomplishments from people, or they “let him down” and then he will judge them accordingly.
You have thought that god’s love is unconditional for you, but not for “those” people; god’s grace covers you, but not “those” kind of people; god is for “us” but against “them;” god can’t possibly be pleased with that political party and people who believe what they believe; god favors and is pleased with your denomination, belief system, and your country… and he’s obviously not pleased with “them.”
You have believed that “god has decided that certain specific sins and certain beliefs are so heinous to him that they can never be forgiven; god’s love never fails… in a person’s earthly life time…BUT, once they die, his hands are tied and he can’t help them anymore.”
Those are just a few of the ridiculous things that people ascribe to Me! The truth is that I love everyone unconditionally forever. I am for everyone and I have already included everyone in Christ forever by My grace and Jesus’ finished work at the cross.
I have taken care of everyone’s sin. I have taken care of everything in regard to everyone’s relationship with Me. It’s that simple! When you come to know the real Me, you know My truth and you let Me tell you what I’m like, rather than you telling Me what I’m supposed to be like! You’ll find I’m way better than you thought!
~Love, Papa