Only good!!! December 29 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My Most special and most wonderful child,

   I want you to really understand why Jesus became one of you (human) and what He came to do…which is what We are still doing!

   Jesus came to seek and save the lost. You, and all mankind, were lost. Your minds were lost in a black hole of darkness and you had no way out. There was no way you could save yourselves from yourselves. Your minds were so darkened that no one knew Me and no one even knew they were lost!

   The first man and woman ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which I lovingly warned them not to do. When they did, they immediately started seeing Me as both good and evil. Ever since then mankind believed that I was both good and evil. That is the greatest lie of all. Everyone then inherited that darkened mindset and throughout history, up until when Jesus came to be one of you (in you and with you) not a single person knew the truth. No one knew Me. Everyone was lost in their own darkened minds. They even believed the absurd lie that they could come to know Me and win My favor by keeping the laws that they asked for when they didn’t want to be close to Me because they thought I was both good and evil!

   Jesus came to change mankind’s mind about Me, not to change My mind about you. I never change! My mind was made up about each and all of you before We created you. I have always loved, included and accepted you all unconditionally. My mind never changes!

   You all, however, must change your minds about Me! The Greek word “metanoia” that was used in writing the New Testament, means simply to change your mind from what you were believing that was false and now believe My truth.

   The first thing I want you to change your mind about is thinking that I am both good and evil! I am only good! There is no darkness and no evil at all, ever, in Me. That means that anything you read (even in the Hebrew Scripture, or anywhere else), anything that you hear taught that says I am punitive, vindictive, angry, have to be appeased, repay evil with evil, would ever hurt or punish anyone ever… is a lie! You must reject any and all such lies.

   This process of changing your mind (metanoia) involves deconstructing the lies (false beliefs you have had about Me and yourselves) and reconstructing new, truthful thoughts, beliefs and understandings about Me.

   Jesus came to reveal the real Me… and He did! I am… We are love and all good! Never, ever entertain any thought that says, “Yes, God is good…but He’s also something bad.”

~Love, Papa

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