Nothing was an Accident! May 5 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My child, whom I’ve loved and cherished since before time began,
I created this earth specifically and especially for you and the rest of My family. Nothing was an accident. Nothing happened by chance. Jesus, the Holy Spirit and I meticulously and with great love and care, conceived of the highest expression of ourselves– you– like Us– in Our likeness and image!
We designed and planned you so that We could express ourselves to you and through you. We couldn’t improve on Our Divine Triune circle dance of love and everything that flows from Our love (joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and faithfulness in relationship to each other) but We could expand Our circle to include you and the rest of Our family… and we did!
We knew what it would take to sustain your physical life, so We meticulously and lovingly planned every detail of the universe: the sun, earth, atmosphere, water, plants, animals, fish and fowl – all to provide sustenance for you!
We knew that We wanted to nourish your soul, so We enjoyed ourselves immensely in collaboratively creating all the myriad of scenery: mountains, hills; valleys, streams, rivers, plains, oceans, islands, jungles, forests, seashores – all for one reason: your enjoyment!
We joyfully delighted in creating colors and a multitude of ways to display them in flowers, trees, grasses, fruit, birds, animals, the sky… and We did all that with you in mind!
We designed you with eyes to see all Our beauty and ears to hear the sounds We created in nature. We designed your mind, soul and body to work together to create more music, art and great literature to touch each other’s souls! We designed your body to enjoy activity. We created the genesis for your personality – in Our image and likeness–  to experience joy, peace, happiness, sadness, empathy, comfort and encouragement… and even anger at anything that hurts another of Our creation.
Don’t you see? Nothing was an accident… including you! Everything is for your pleasure, enjoyment and sustenance. And now, We get to enjoy you enjoying and experiencing Our gift of Divine Life and love to you with you!
~Love, Papa