No Worries, Mate! January 29 Notes From Papa~

To My dear child, whom I love with all My consuming, fiery, white-hot passion,
I am more than able to fulfill all of My promises to you. In My economy, they are fulfilled already!
You tend to worry, doubt, think “lack” and fear the worst. You unnecessarily imagine the worst-case scenario of future situations in your life. Here’s what I really want you to do: focus on Me, My abundance and know that I am infinitely good. I am always for you!
Use your sanctified imagination and see Me, the ultimate provider, pouring out My grace on you and making all your “crooked paths” straight!
Don’t even entertain “what if” thoughts about My blessings drying up and going away. (That’s Diabolos’ thinking.) Know, believe and trust that I am for you, I am faithful in fulfilling My promises and I will give you the desires that I placed in your heart.
Expect Me to lavish blessings and provision on you in such an unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary ways that you and everyone will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s Me providing what I promised.  When it looks like things are going down-hill and I’m not involved, others may say, “What bad luck,” but I want you to boldly and confidently say, “No, it’s an opportunity to trust and wait on God who is for Me and loves Me and keeps His promises… and He’s for you, too! I’m excited about what He’s in the process of doing as we wait!”
Every second that you spend thinking “lack” and worrying about worst-case scenarios is an opportunity missed to rejoice in Me and My promised provision and lavish blessing. Believe Me! Trust Me! Expect Me to provide.
Lovingly, gently and compassionately encourage one another and remind each other of Me and My goodness. Excitedly anticipate My exceedingly abundant blessings. Enjoy them. Enjoy Me!
You know I love you and I am for you. My love never fails!
~Love, Papa