No Regrets! February 9 Notes From Papa~

To My wonderful child, whom I am so very fond of,
Sometimes after you’ve done something that you realized hurt someone else, you dwell on that action and beat yourself up. You believe the lie that your behavior affects your identity and believe the lie that your behavior affects our relationship and how I feel about you. Those are all lies!
Oh, My special child, please remember these truths!

  • Your identity is unchangingly perfect because I made you perfect in and by My finished work at the cross.
  • I took all your sin (past, present and future) away, never to come back again.
  • I forgave all your sin— past, present and future.
  • I choose not to remember any of your sin or ever bring it up to you again.
  • Your sin or behavior has absolutely no affect or bearing ever on how I feel about you… My love has covered your multitude of sins.

Now, your part in this relationship is to believe Me! Every time you have “godly” sorrow and remember some behavior that you think has bothered Me or negatively affected your true identity in Christ, remember what I just told you. Change your mind about the lie you believed that your sin has any negative effect on Me.
Remember what all We did for you at the cross— our Amazing Grace—and let Grace wash over you, cleansing all the lies and washing them away. Then go in our relationship and live your life with no regret… because there is none coming from Me! There is, and never will be, any condemnation from Me!
Whenever you hear a condemning voice, remember these things, and you can say, “Nice try, Satan, but no cigar!” Then bask in the joy of experiencing real guilt-free life in and with Us in Our Divine Triune circle dance of love, joy, peace and everything good!
~Love, Papa