No Regret! January 14 Notes From Papa~

To My greatly loved and perfect child, who is unnecessarily worried, concerned and thinks you have displeased Me because of missing My mark of perfection (what you call sin),
You must know this foundational truth about Me if you are to enjoy Our relationship like I want you to: Your sins (past, present and future) do not affect My love for you or our relationship in any possible way and never, ever will!
Jesus took care of that once for all. You must believe that He took away all the sin of the world (the inherited sin from Adam and the cumulative sins of all people, including you!) He took them away forever!
I forgave all of them in you and everyone forever. I do not ever count them against you… or anyone! I choose not to ever remember them. I keep no record of your wrongs!
When you do something that you think might offend Me, just thank Me that it’s already all been totally taken care of and change your mind about even thinking it hurts our relationship. Remember all that I’ve told you and go on with joy, no regret!
Jesus gave His very life so you could have this eternal joy of knowing your sin has no effect on me! The only sin my Holy Spirit will ever convince you of is when you miss this mark of believing all the above is true and you revert to trying to gain or maintain a right relationship with Me by what you do. When He calls that to your attention, it will always be in love and never with condemnation. Learn to distinguish My voice from the Accuser. I never accuse or condemn, so it’s easy to tell who is talking to you! When you hear love, affirmation, peace, assurance and acceptance… that’s Me!
When you hear accusing, berating, guilt, condemnation… when you hear, “You’re not good enough” … when you hear, “You must do this or that” … that voice is your enemy’s!
I’m not your enemy… I’m totally your friend and totally for you! I chose you and made you to be My friend. Now, enjoy Me and know that I enjoy you!
Love, Papa