No Real LIFE without Grace! May 20 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My delicate child whose heart can be broken so easily,
You, My child, are experiencing and learning first hand why giving and receiving grace is so ultimately important! There is no real life without grace.
You know that My grace is multifaceted and covers so many things… everything! You know that grace is what enables Me to relate to you in pure agape love. You know that even when you do things intentionally or unintentionally that hurt Me, I don’t “take” the offense. I forgive, take it away and choose not to remember it or bring it up to you. That enables Me to not get mad at you, not be irritated with you, not be bitter about you “doing it again.” I don’t get exasperated with you. I’m never “snippy” with you. I don’t pout. I never withhold affection from you. I never “make you pay.” I never say or indicate to you that you have to pay for hurting Me or that you have to now prove to Me that you are sincere then promise not to “do it again.” I never feel like or indicate to you that My love has diminished or that our relationship can’t be as good as it used to be because of what you did.
My grace covers everything… it is radical, amazing, unconditional and never fails. Jesus is the embodiment of Grace. You, and every person who has ever lived, craves grace from Me and cannot have joy and peace without grace! That is equally true in your relationships with each other. There can be no ultimate joy and peace without grace. Perfect love (grace in action) casts out all fear. When someone withholds grace, the other person is fearful.
Withholding grace is just the opposite of Me and how I relate to you. A person who withholds grace, takes an offense and keeps it, dwells on it and continues to hurt, get bitter and “plays the victim card.”
A person who withholds grace gets mad easily, is continually irritated and exasperated with others. Such a person is snippy, moody, makes other people pay, walk on eggshells and “prove” that they have changed and paid sufficiently for their wrong.
A person who withholds grace lets the other person know that their relationship is broken and will never be the same. You have experienced that from other people. And you have been like that in your relationships with the very ones whom you love the most.
I’m not condemning you, shaming you or putting guilt on you. I am showing you why grace is so important! Without grace from Me, you would have no joy, no peace and you’d live in fear.
But! You do have My grace! Now, know that without grace from Me and you, those whom you love will have no joy and peace and they will live in fear. Humanly speaking, you can’t give love like I can, so let Me… living in you, and through you… minister My grace as you to those you love. My Grace and peace to you always!
~Love, Papa