No Punishment From ME! January 28 Notes From Papa~

To My dearly loved child, whom I cherish immensely,
Many of My dearly loved children have believed the lie that I’m somehow out to get them when they fall short of My perfect glory (what you call sin). Nothing could be further from My truth!
I lovingly warned Adam and Eve what the consequences of their actions would be when they disregarded My loving warnings— the wages of sin (what you get from sin itself) brings adverse consequences. For example, you know that being selfish, insensitive, rude and disrespectful will cause those whom you love to not want to be around you, and can even cause them to disassociate themselves from you. That’s not a punishment from me… that’s the wages of sin.
I love you, My child, and I am totally, always for you! I don’t force you to act lovingly, but neither do I punish you when you don’t. As you grow closer to Me and experience My unconditional love, radical grace and total inclusion more and more, you hear My voice in an ever-clearer way and you hear Me showing you My way of love.
Then you start to love others as I do, unselfishly– putting them first, serving them, helping them, delighting in providing for them. In the process, you find others wanting to be around you, loving your company and delighting to be with you!
Eventually you all delight in and rejoice in being with Jesus and the Holy Spirit and me in Our Divine Triune circle dance of love, joy, peace and everything good and fun in Our abundant life!
As you do, you see the absurdity of the lie that I would ever even consider punishing you or being out to get you. I’m only and always for you!
~Love, Papa