No More “Doing to Be” March 11 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most special child, who already has everything,
I want to remind you that you already have everything there is in regard to our relationship. Most importantly, you are one with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Me. You are one spirit with Us… you can’t get any closer, any tighter, or any nearer to Us than you are! We live in you. We can never be separated!
Many, many people have believed the great deception that they are somehow separated from Us. They are in the darkness and in their darkened minds, they believe the lie that We are somewhere other than where they are. Thus they believe they have to do things to get to Us… to get right with Us.
People have this collection of things: praying, fasting, Bible study, Scripture memory, sacraments, creeds, statements, various good works, service and the like that they believe they ought to do, have to do, should be doing, must do to get to Us. There’s nothing wrong with most of those things… but never believe that doing any of them will get you closer to Us!
We are there. You are there. You are here. We are here. Christ in you, the hope of glory! Give up your collection of things to try to get to Us and believe, trust, rest and relax in the truth of Union! Enjoy Us!
~Love, Papa