No Fear in Perfect Love! April 14 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most special child, who means everything to Me,
I want you to know that Jesus’ coming to earth as one of you on what you call “Christmas” was part of Our plan since before creation. We always planned for Him to come at just the right time… in the fullness of time… to reveal to you what We are really like so that you can truly experience Our love.
It’s impossible for you to love Us until you know that We first love you totally and unconditionally. True love must be unconditional and therefore have no fear involved. True love casts out all fear.
So-called “love” that is mandated out of fear of punishment for someone who does not “merit or deserve” love is not love at all! That system of relating is warped, perverse and evil. It is nothing like Us. It is calling good evil and evil good.
That’s why Jesus came to show (reveal to you) Us and Our true, pure, agape love. As you relate to Jesus and see what He is like and how He relates to people, you see that He loves everyone unconditionally.
He gives grace to everyone unconditionally. He includes everyone. He accepts everyone. He came for everyone.
The only people that Jesus rebukes are those who say and teach that We are not pure agape love… those who pervert Our true love and add conditions, limits, exclusions and rules to Our love and who believe that not living up to their rules and conditions and limits somehow affects and diminishes our love for people.
We love those people just as We love everyone. And We especially want those people to know the truth about Us. We don’t want them to teach other people lies about Us because when people believe lies about Us, they can’t experience, enjoy and receive Our love.
They can’t relate to Us freely as We want them to. Know this to the core of your being: We are pure agape love that has absolutely no conditions, no limits and no exclusions! Our love is perfect and it includes absolutely everyone!
We want you to let Us show you how We see everyone! We want Our Holy Spirit in you to resonate with Our Holy Spirit who is in everyone! We are all and in all and for all! You can be absolutely assured that one day every single person will know, enjoy and experience Our love for themselves and everyone. What a glorious Day that is!
~Love, Papa