No DiscriminationEver! December 28 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

No Discrimination Ever! December 28 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special, hand-picked child, who I am most proud of,

   I want you to know and to be aware every second of this day that My love… agape… is indiscriminate!

   We do not discriminate against anyone ever! We lavish, shower and pour out Our love on everyone equally. It makes no difference to Us and has not effect on Us whatever a person’s sexual preference is, whatever their skin color is, what their age, nationality, religion, health, height, weight, economic situation, intelligence, education, success, achievements, politics, “good looks,” talents, abilities, background or what they have “done with their life”… or not done. Absolutely nothing affects Our complete, total acceptance and love of everyone!

   Everyone is in Our family! There is no separation or exclusion, no “in or out,” no second class. No one has to prove themselves or do anything to get in Our good graces.

   Think about this now, if grace had any single condition, limit or exclusion… it wouldn’t be grace, would it? If unconditional love had any single condition, limit or exclusion, it wouldn’t be unconditional love, would it? Any person ever who says that there is, has been or ever will be any condition, limit or exclusion on Our unconditional love or grace is playing “god.” They are projecting their own desire to exclude on Us, and saying, “That’s the way God is!”

   Well, I’m not that way. We are not that way! So many times, people look to Scripture to “prove” that I limit, exclude, judge or have conditions when I simply do not. Scripture is meant to point and lead everyone to Jesus who is My love and grace personified; Jesus who is the Savior of everyone; Jesus who died for everyone; Jesus who took everyone’s sins away; Jesus who came to seek and save everyone; Jesus who included everyone.

   The Bible is My love letter to you. In its narrative are many examples of religious people judging, putting limits on My love, excluding and discriminating against their fellow man. Never mistake that for Me… ever! I am pure agape unconditional love and grace that I lavish indiscriminately on everyone!

   So today, those people whom you see driving cars in traffic, walking and running on the sidewalk, working and shopping in stores, offices and schools… everyone you see is someone whom I love totally, radically and without reservation… just like I love you!

   Any time you are tempted to judge someone and think that I must not like them… I must be displeased with them… stop! Let that be a prompting from Me to show you that you are not seeing them through My eyes! Then ask Me how I really feel about them! I think you know what I’ll say! I love them and you!

~Love, Papa   

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