NEVER ANY EGGSHELLS!!! January 31 Notes From Papa~

To my very much loved child, whom I love just as much as I love Jesus,
I know that sometimes in this life someone who’s very close to you seems as if they are becoming cold and distant. You sense their disapproval and wonder why they are withholding affection and affirmation. You feel like you’re walking on eggshells with them and don’t know what you’ve done wrong to merit their judging and disapproval.
I want you to know two things. First, I am never like that. Never. I always love you, always want to be with you, never withhold My affection and am never cold or distant. I never try to control you or our relationship by relating to you with conditional love. Second, I will help both you and the other person in this situation. I will remind you that My unconditional love never changes. You need never worry if I’m upset with you or if I disapprove of you. I made that clear at the cross. I took all of your sin (past, present and future) away and forgave you for everything in our relationship. I reconciled you to Me and I don’t count any sin against you. I am always totally for you. I’m always totally for the other people in your life, too.
Now, come to Me and ask Me what I’m thinking about this other person, then be still and listen. I will show you what I want you to know, say and do and when I want you to do it. Then I will empower you to do what I ask. I will empower you to be strong in Me no matter how the other person reacts or responds. As much as is possible, as far as it depends on you, you will be at peace with the other person. When both of you walk in My light of revelation, you will enjoy wonderful fellowship with each other because you will both be listening to Me and know that the blood of Jesus has cleansed you both from all sin. You will experience My agape love covering a multitude— all of your sins and the other person’s sins.
My love will always prevail. I, love, never fail. You can absolutely count on Me. I am so for you… and so for everyone!
~Love, Papa