Mystical Life~ February 5 Notes From papa~

To My dear child, over whom My heart swells with pride,
I planned and created you for a specific kind of life, one in which you experience Us (Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Me) in a way you would define as mystical, but We call normal!
We offer you the life where you directly experience Our world of Spirit beyond human reason. We offer you life whereby you can see with the eyes of Spirit and hear with ears attuned to Our frequency.
You can engage Us through the experience that others deem mystery.  Our life is full of wonder, joy, light, music and no darkness whatsoever.
Our life is encompassed with rest and can be described as easy, light and smooth. This life is already in you and you are in it. It’s all around you and with you.
You already abide in and with Us because We abide in and with you. Abide means to dwell in seamless union… and We do… with you!
There’s nothing you must do, earn, give up or change on your part to experience Our Life. Just receive it and really live… with and in Us!
~Love, Papa