“Multifaceted Grace” May 10 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most special child, who I have given specific gifts for a specific purpose,
I have given you, and each and every one of My children, at least one special and specific spiritual gift for a specific purpose so that you can be supernaturally empowered in serving one another with My manifold grace! I want you to be good stewards of My multifaceted grace. Just as I want you to be good stewards of the tangible resources that I give you like money, buildings, vehicles, property, etc. I want you to be good stewards of My grace!
Grace is My supernatural ability to be all that I have called you to be and do all that I call you to do. My grace to and for you was conceived and given to you before I ever created anything… in My mind and economy it was already given and accomplished.
Grace is a way of living whereby I bless people because they are in Christ and for no other reason at all!
My grace was manifested in time and space to you with the totality of Jesus’ finished work at the cross which took away and forgave you (and everyone) of all your sins: past, present and future.
By grace I took away your old Adamic nature and it died with Jesus. My grace created a new you in Christ Jesus that is fully and forever reconciled to Me; right with Me; pure, holy and innocent; one with Me forever.
My grace gave you new life from above when I resurrected Jesus from the dead. My grace made you one with Me and seated your new spirit with Me in heaven and sealed you there.
My grace is multifaceted— it did all these things and now… through the Holy Spirit of Christ in you, it empowers you to be who I have called you to be and do what I have called you to do.
My grace is free, totally unmerited and undeserved. I have already lavished My grace on you… and everyone! Now I am calling you to use whatever spiritual gifts, talents, abilities and resources that I have given you to serve My grace… in all its facets… to the other people in your life.
Stewarding My grace means using it, giving it, showing it and teaching it liberally and lavishly 24-7 every day!
Not being a good steward of My grace would be to just keep it for yourself exclusively and not give it away inclusively! Not being a good steward would be to minister corrupt communication by ministering… telling… serving up… law, rules, regulations, ordinances, rituals, works, fear and religion to others instead of grace!
Serve others with your time, financial resources, encouragement, love, affirmation… clothed in grace with no requirements, no demands, no expectations, and no exclusions. Serve pure, distilled, 200 proof grace… just like I do! As you do, people see Christ in you, the hope of glory!
~Love, Papa