“More and More!” May 4 notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My very special child, who I am so very fond of,
Every day I reveal more and more to you about how good I really am, how much I love you and more and more about who I have made you to be. Knowing all of this more and more is for your salvation.
Salvation means “being made whole.” Salvation means that you are whole and right in every area of your life: physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, spiritually, financially… every area. Of course it may not seem or feel to you like you are right or whole in any of these areas, but that’s because you aren’t seeing what I see and what I want you to see.
I see what is real, true and lasting. You are only seeing what is temporary and fleeting. For example, you may be feeling like you are catching a cold. If you accept that, believe that and see yourself as having a cold, sure enough, you’ll probably get a cold!
However, if you see the truth of My reality, you will believe and say, “No! That’s not true! That’s not who I am. I reject that. I am whole and I am well and I don’t have to take that.”
In the process I may tell you to take aspirin, to rest, to drink lots of water or to wear warmer clothes. As you learn to believe Me that you are indeed whole, you’ll find yourself not getting colds like you feared.
The same is true with emotions. You may feel worried and afraid. But the truth is that I am in control, I am working out all things for the good, I am protecting you, I have gone before you. You can choose to believe Me and trust Me and say, “I don’t have to take those feelings of fear and worry and anxiety. That’s not Me…That’s not who I am. I am whole, I have the mind of Christ, His perfect love casts out all fear.”
Then believe Me… not your feelings. It may seem to you like you aren’t going to have enough money to meet your needs… but I am your source and I already know how I’m going to provide for you.
I may give you an unexpected opportunity for additional income. I may show you how you can lower your expenses. I may provide you with a gift. What I want is for you to trust Me, listen to Me, believe Me and then act on what I tell you.
You may think a relationship is over and that there is no hope of restoration… but I am all about restoring broken relationships. I’m always working “behind the scenes” to reconcile, mend and restore relationships. Don’t dwell on your feelings and your perceived problems… instead, come to Me, listen to Me, trust Me and believe Me. I love you and I am so for you!
~Love, Papa