Monday Musical Musing from Paul Gray — “Fiddler Lives!”

Monday Musical Musing from Paul Gray —

“Fiddler Lives!”

With credits to Richard Rohr, regarding the question: “What does God want us to do? The answer I propose is Be! Be creative, be interactive, be agape, give being, unite, be whole, be in every possible way, be new. The self-creating world is unpredictable. It’s like a musician’s improvisation. . . But the artwork will always resemble the artist. So the cosmos will somehow be like the Trinity, the vast Person-Community that is Agape, inter-being.” 

With that in mind, give a listen to my friend, Claude Fiddler Williams who would have been 100 February 22. Claude LIVED!!!  When you listened to him in person–especially when you had the privilege of playing with him as I often did — you were “ignited with fire” as listeners used to tell me. I believe that was the Trinity’s all-consuming fiery love surrounding and permeating us all as The Fiddler shared in God’s continuing creative artwork!  BTW — in jazz we don’t worry about occasional mistakes — even in misspelling the name of the song:)   ~Paul Gray

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