Me, You, and Them! January 15 Notes From Papa

To My very special child, who I have immersed Myself in,
I want you to be aware of and look for Me today in everything. I, Jesus, am all in all! I am everywhere, in everything and I’m not just there, I am constantly and continually working. I am working all things for the good! Any time you are with another person, any person, I am working in, with and between you for you both to see Me– Christ in you, the hope of Glory!
My Spirit is in you and in everyone. I want you to be in tune with Me! Any time two or more people– not just Christians, but any people are together, My Spirit in each of you resonates with My Spirit in the other(s).
I want you to eagerly anticipate and look for and expect to see Me in everyone. That means to not focus on sin or what you perceive as short-comings in others. Focus on seeing Me, Christ, in them. When you know that I love the other person unconditionally, just like I love you, that enables you to see Me in them more readily. When you know that I have dealt with and taken care of all their sins, just like I have yours, you can see Me in them more easily. When you know that I am constantly and continually communicating to them, just as I am to you, you can more quickly connect with them.
When you unconditionally love another person, make allowances in advance for their faults, give them total radical grace that covers everything in your relationship with them and when you include, accept and reconcile them to you completely, regardless of their attitude, actions, and personality quirks, then you are able to freely see Me in them.
The Holy Spirit in you resonates with The Holy Spirit in them and you have a very special connectedness. You are experiencing union… not just with Me, but with Me in them! Cultivate this awareness. Smile, encourage, affirm and speak to them as I speak to you. Consider, reckon the other people in your life to be equally loved, involved, accepted and forgiven by Me. Consider, reckon them to be equal parts of the Body of Christ and Our oneness and union.
Anticipate seeing Me in them and when you do, as I lead you, tell them that I am in them! Affirm them. Encourage them… you are partnering with Me in Our ministry of reconciliation. Show them who they already are and watch them experience My Spirit in them resonating with your words, because they are My words! I am in you and in them. We are one! Enjoy!
~Love, Papa