Lovers Give! November 3 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

Lovers Give! November 3 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray.

To My greatly loved child, who I am most fond of,
You know that I am love. Now I want you to start understanding what lovers do: We give! We show, demonstrate and live out love by giving. We loved you so much that We chose to give you life to begin with… Our life! We included you in Our Divine Triune circle dance of love and everything good before We created you! We gave you grace and saved you before you were ever created! Then in time and space We gave you grace at Jesus’ finished work at the cross.
We gave you forgiveness of sins. We took away all your sin and gave you Jesus’ righteousness. Sometimes We have to take away before We can give. If We’d not have taken away your sin, We couldn’t have given you Our righteousness.
Righteousness is right standing with Us. You believed the lie that your sin separated you from Us… so We took your sin away and gave you right standing with Us!
We gave you our joy. Jesus told His disciples… and you… the night before His crucifixion, that He gave you His joy so that your joy might be complete. We gave you peace… Jesus told you that you would have troubles in the world (and you do) but He also said, “My peace I give to you.” Do you believe that He gave you His peace? He did!
Jesus is your peace. When We gave you the Holy Spirit, We gave you all the fruit of the Spirit. You will recognize, appropriate and experience Our fruit in sequence. Love is who We are and what We do is give out of Our love.
We gave you total pure unconditional agape love. Only when you know and experience Our love and know that We have taken away your sin and made you right with Us… only then can you experience true joy and have and experience true peace. It’s impossible to experience true joy and peace without comprehending the love and grace that We have given you by Jesus finished work at the cross.
Since by Our gift of grace, We have already done everything to make you right with Us, We aren’t worried about whether or not you will ever believe in or “accept Us!” We already believe in and have accepted you.
We are eternally patient in waiting for you to accept your acceptance. We have given you Our kindness, Our mercy, Our gentleness and Our faith. All these are gifts of Our love and grace!
Now We give you the gift of partnering with Us as you minister Our grace (not law) to everyone else in your life. You have been given the gift of reconciliation and the gift of partnering with Us in being ministers of Our reconciliation.
You have been given the gift of repentance… so change your mind about the lies that kept you in the dark. You have been given the mind of Christ… you know what He believes about you. Take sides with Him about what He says and believes about you!
Now, do what all lovers do… give out of the abundance that We have given you!
~Love, Papa

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