Love You Madly! May 3 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My child, who I am madly in love with,
I’m so pleased that you are discovering and experiencing what it is like to have Someone be madly in love with you! There is no greater, no better, no more ultimately satisfying and fulfilling experience in all of life than to absolutely know that you are fully, unconditionally and forever completely and totally loved!
You now know the great secret of all life… that you have been, are now and always will be chosen, invited, pursued and loved! Jesus is the Bridegroom and you are His bride. I know that can be hard for men to grasp… and I know you are beginning to know this ultimate truth!
You are starting to comprehend the amazing, stunning, spectacular truth that We have wooed and seduced you! You didn’t choose Us… We chose you! We chose to create you… just the way you are with your talents, abilities, aptitudes, likes, dislikes and personality.
After we chose you, We created you. We have been pursuing you relentlessly ever since! Jesus came to seek, find and save you for Us and bring you to Us, and He was completely successful! You are starting to see that you have been ravished by Our love… you know that you are totally accepted to the core of your being.
You know that We have made allowances for all your faults and We have forgiven all your sin (past, present and future) completely and totally. We have taken it away, choose not to remember it and promise never to bring it up to you… ever!
True love keeps no record of wrongs or offenses… ever. You now are experiencing immense gratitude and have developed an intense yearning for more… more and deeper knowing, experiencing and enjoying our love-based relationship.
That is very much mutual… that’s exactly what We want. We want you to know more and more every day how much deeper, wider, longer and higher Our love specifically for you is! The foundation for true love (which is who We are and what We have for you personally) is a deep and personal assurance that you are totally, completely and unconditionally accepted, included, embraced and one with Us!
You know that you never have to worry, doubt, question or fear Our love-based relationship. Nothing can ever separate you from Our love… absolutely nothing! I am so infinitely happy that you are finally eliminating any and all “buts” from Our love for you!
Our love for you, and everyone, has no “buts”… no conditions… ever! Now, finally… you can rest, relax and revel in Our love for you!
~Love, Papa