Love Is… March 5 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray

To My child whom I joyfully love with My unfathomable, enormous love,
I want you to get a better feel for My love… although you will never fully grasp how big and wonderful it is.
First of all, you can’t do anything good enough to merit, earn or deserve My love. Nor can you do anything bad enough to lose, stop or prevent My love… ever! Your behavior simply has no bearing on My love for you!
I love you, and everyone, because I am love! Every single thing about me is saturated, permeated, soaked in My pure, unconditional agape love that always does what is best for the other person. I cannot… not love! That’s who I am and what I do.
Be sure you hear Me now, I enjoy loving you! I delight in loving you! I am obsessed with loving you! It’s not that I somehow “have to love you” because I’m God… not at all! Enjoying loving you is what I am all about!
I don’t just dole out little scraps of My love here and there when you beg for it– no! I lavish My love on you in advance without you ever asking for it! It never runs out! My love has no limits, no conditions, no exceptions, no exclusions, no buts— really!
My love is so enormous that there are no human words in any language that can convey its immensity. My love for you extends higher than the farthest reaches of outer space and beyond the heavens!
My love for you goes further than the bottom of the oceans and the center of the earth! My love for you extends beyond eternity past and future! My love for you stretches wider than the horizon! My love for you extends past the sunrise and the sunset!
Grace is the face that My love wears when it comes in contact with you, regardless of your behavior or actions. Never believe the evil one’s lie that I can’t stand to be in the presence of “sin.” Jesus totally negated that lie when He came to be with you and I dispelled it permanently when My Holy Spirit chose to make Our permanent home in you!
Our love and grace for you… and everyone… simply cannot be measured and will never end. We want you to absolutely and confidently know and be assured of Our love for you and to experience it and enjoy it all the time. We are so for you!
~Love, Papa