Live Loved…because You Are! July 2 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My very special child, who is always the apple of My eye,
I love you and I am for you… always! I tell you and remind you over and over and over that I love you and I am for you because I want you to be so saturated with that truth about you and Me… Us… that it affects every single aspect of your life 24-7, 366! Live loved… because you are!
When you know that I love you unconditionally and I am always for you, then as the enemy tempts you, accuses you and disparages you… you will not be swayed. You won’t succumb to his lies because you are firm in Our loving relationship!
When you know that I love you unconditionally and I am always for you, then when a close friend or loved one rejects you, abandons you and criticizes you, you feel the hurt and pain, of course, but it doesn’t change you or affect who you really are in Christ: loved, cherished and adored. Live loved, My precious child, because you are!
When you know that I love you unconditionally, know that nothing can ever separate you from My love and you know that I’m always totally for you, then, when someone else takes credit for your ideas and work, or someone else gets promoted or praised instead of you, or when someone else makes a sale to your customer… it only momentarily saddens you, because you know the most important truth of all… I love you and I am for you always!
When you are rock-solid in knowing that I always love you unconditionally and am always for you… then when a situation doesn’t turn out the way you were hoping, it doesn’t get you down. Oh, you may feel down initially, but then you come to Me and hear Me remind you that I totally love you and I am completely for you, and then you rest in My peace! Live loved, because you are!
When you know the truth that I love you (and everyone) unconditionally, and that I am for you and everyone… when you know that you are all in My family and I am always working to reveal Myself to you all… then when your team loses a big game, or doesn’t get a prized recruit, or the referee makes a bad call… you’re ok! You don’t let it affect your well-being because you know that I’m for you and I love you and the other team and the refs! You’re all My children! Because you know the truth, you are free to live free and live loved… because you are!
~Love, Papa