Light that eliminates and illuminates! ~February 26 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray

To My delightful child, whom I continually delight in, You have listened far too long to the deceiver’s lie that I am disappointed in you. The Truth is just the opposite! I am delighted in you! Really! I am delighted in you and I continually delight in you! You have believed the deceiver’s lie that your actions and behavior have somehow caused Me to think less of you, not be pleased with you and not delight in you. Lies! All lies! I get to decide who I am pleased with and who I delight in and why! I, God, your Papa— not you, not the evil one— I get to decide who I am pleased with and who I delight in and why! I choose you! I delight in you because I made you… you are My child, My creation, made in My image and My likeness! I love you unconditionally because I am love. That’s who I am and what I do. Nothing you could ever do could ever keep Me from loving you unconditionally! You have believed the deceiver’s lie that, “Oh, god loves you because He has to… but He’s really displeased and disappointed with you.” Lies! All lies! To the contrary, I am greatly pleased with you and I delight in you and over you! I know the end result! I know who I made you to be and I know you are in the process of discovering and believing the truth about who you are in Christ. I know that every day you are one step closer to seeing and believing the Truth, My Truth, that will set you free from the darkness of believing lies about Me and you. I am the light of the world that eliminates lies and illuminates truth. You have believed the lie that My light exposes all of your darkness, sins, wrong doings and poor choices. No! I have already dealt with all that, forgiven all that, taken all that away! There’s nothing to expose! My light doesn’t expose darkness… it illuminates the truth that I have eliminated darkness! It shines on, focuses on, spotlights the truth of who you really are— My new creation that is perfect in Christ. You are pure, holy, innocent, without fault, right with Me… that’s what My light exposes and that’s the truth of who you are. Now you are starting to see how and why I delight in you! Believe The Truth… My Truth! ~Love, Papa