Life Together! April 6 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most treasured child and partner, who I am so very proud of,
I don’t ever want you to feel like I need you to do anything for Me, that you owe Me anything or that My work won’t get done if you don’t do it. Those are all lies that religion has foisted off on people to manipulate and control them. I am all powerful… I am omniscient…I know everything… I am everywhere present…When there is anything I want done, anything I want to happen, of course I can do it! To think anything less is to think I am not God.
However, I want you to know and take great joy in the truth that I refuse to be God without or apart from you! At Jesus’ incarnation, He, by our choice, became forever a man, and at His finished work at the cross, We recreated everyone in Him!
We chose to forever include and unite Ourselves to you… humanity! There is a Man… The Man, Christ Jesus, sitting at My right hand in the Trinity, including and representing you… forever! It will always be so!
How’s that for value and worth? Because of Our great love for you, We chose before the foundation of the world to adopt you and included you in Our family forever. Now as We go about revealing Our love to everyone and letting everyone know that We have included them too, We choose to give you the unspeakable joy of partnering with Us in Our love adventure.
Of course, We could just think and accomplish whatever We want…but there’s no community, no one-ness, no joy of participation in that… for you or Us. So We choose to partner with you… to include you in Our plans, activities and actions.
As you come to know Us better and better and hear Our voice more clearly, you are then able to do what We ask and say what We say, just as Jesus did as a man on earth. When you are doing and saying what We want and ask, then We do it in you, as you and through you in Our power… the same divine power that raised Jesus from the dead and recreated you and all mankind!
There is no greater joy for you than the thrill of partnering with Us to give Our love, joy, grace and peace to others… that’s what We are all about and while We don’t need you to help Us, We want to partner with you and do it together. We are so for you doing just that!
~Love, Papa