Let’s Talk! March 28 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My very, very special child whom I delight in being with every day, You and I talk! That is obvious to you and may seem like a trite thing for Me to say. I want it to be just as obvious to all My children… and every human being is My child! I created you for community… for us to be together and do life together, to communicate and love each other. You know from Scripture that I talked with Adam and Eve. I talked with Cain. Abraham and I talked. Isaac and Jacob and Joseph and I talked. Moses and Joshua and I talked. David and I talked. Isaiah and Jeremiah and Daniel and I talked. Mary and Joseph and John the Baptist and I talked. I continued to talk to Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, James, and Jude after My resurrection and ascension. All through the ages I talk to My children. I have never been distant, separate or apart from any of My children… young/old, men/women, every color and nationality and “status”… they are all my children. The assumption of the lie of separation has created a great darkness in the minds of so many of My children that they have not been able to see what is. They have not been able to see that I am in them, the hope of glory. But for each and every one of them, just as is the case with you, there is coming a day when they will each know that Jesus is in Me, they are in Me and We are in them! On that day, they will know! They will hear Us clearly and as you know, everything changes on that day! That day can be today! I have no reason and no desire for any of My children to not hear My voice. Some incorrectly think that they don’t want to hear Me speak to them because they are afraid that I’m going to condemn and shame and guilt and chastise them for their sin. Nonsense! I took everyone’s sin away at the cross. I forgave it all. I don’t impute or count sin against anyone… ever. I choose to not remember it or bring it up for the very reason so that it will never ever have any effect on our relationship, our community and your ability to hear My voice and enjoy My love. Some people even still believe the preposterous lie that I can’t stand to be in the presence of sin. I want them to see that Jesus forever dispelled that horrendous lie by His incarnation! Some people still believe the lie that I only speak to squeaky clean morally perfect people who have “cleaned up their act.” How they forget about David, Moses, Abraham, Rahab and Saul! I’m so glad that you and I can talk, and I want you to encourage others to listen for My voice too. You know how sweet it is! I love you and everyone and I am for you… and everyone! ~Love, Papa