Let’s Go! ~March 7 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray

To My child, whom I am so delightfully proud of,
I really want you to know that I am responsible for everything good that has ever happened in your life. I have orchestrated the wonderful people in your family who love and cherish you and who have been for you through the years and now. I didn’t leave your family up to chance. All good and perfect gifts come from Me, your heavenly Father.
I am ultimately responsible for all the opportunities that you have ever had… that you now have… and that will come to you in the future.
I know you better than you know your own self! I know what will energize you, what will fascinate you and what will pique your interest. I know what will thrill you, what will challenge you and what will give you great joy.
I continually bring those opportunities to you. I give you eyes to see them and freedom to choose and explore them.
You are wondering, “Then why don’t I see all these wonderful things Papa has for me?” In part, it’s because I am just now revealing them to you, and in part, it’s because you have an enemy who wants you to focus on him and he comes to steal and kill and destroy your enjoyment of My good and perfect things.
Today, and every day that you let Me, I’m going to start teaching you to see through My eyes. I have given you eyes to see what I’m doing. I have given you eyes to see other people as I see them. I have given you eyes to see situations and circumstances as opportunities for good… rather than as negative, bad situations.
I’m going to remind you often to stop… pause… take a deep breath… tune out other thoughts, and ask Me to show you what I want you to see. Then you can look and listen to Me and you will be stunned at what I reveal to you! You will know it’s from Me!
I’m going to continue to lavish My good and perfect gifts upon you today… and you’re going to see them more and more and enjoy Me more and more. Let’s go!
~Love, Papa